So I was thinking and this was where my thought led me.
Dashing, spontaneous, daring, ambitious and loving, these are just a few of the many qualities Mark was till we got married. The uniform made him so dashing; I can’t wait to walk down the aisle. 10 years after, Mark is fortunate to have made it home after the war. But he is not my Mark anymore o! It must have been a traumatic experience there, because he barely eats, he is withdrawn and cold. He has nightmares each night, and barely talks to me at all.
Sonia was everything I could have wished for physically. The moment I set my eyes on her, I knew she was my wife. She was gorgeous, voluptuous figure, tall, well rounded in my ‘key’ areas (winks). The day we said ‘i do’ my joy knew no bounds. She was mine for life…waoh! A few years into our marriage we were the ‘It’ couple and i was always glad to show off my sweet trophy wife. Then one day everything changes, she is diagnosed and a cancerous growth is found, next thing all her hair is shaved, she’s losing both breasts. Barely eating and depressed, she is not my Sonia anymore. She looks like the shadow of herself more by the day.
These are two instances of many things that could go wrong in marriages. It could be delay in childbirth in some cases. The man could lose his memory after an accident or his leg. A stroke can occur….. The list goes on. I know you are saying God forbid, I say amen. But I also know there are many realities we never consider before the vow. Are you getting married because of… and… and… What if those reasons fail along the marriage? Will you still want to be with each other? Ironic as it sounds when you ask, “why do you love me” and he says “i don’t know”. Never take offence, that may just be a good place to be, when you have stopped knowing, but you just know ‘he is the one’……then by all means run down the aisle and be sure no matter what life throws at you…you are not alone.
If he loses his feet, you will be his leg. If she loses her voice, you will speak for her, when her memory fails her you will gladly wake up every day and remind her who she is and who you are and not wear out. If the babies are not coming as you dreamed, you will wait with her and when he loses his job you will carry the burden of the family without nagging. If he is losing faith you will pray him back to the path of righteousness. No matter what, no matter what…you will be there!
Just my thoughts my friends, I felt to share. I stand to be corrected; after all we are all still learning (smiles).

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  1. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. The reality of what could be. What is seen is what is known not what could be… When the music stops playing can we still dance? Great tot love!

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