Trapped in the body of a child he was daring, endearing and mature, his passion, love, dreams and ideas felt just right. The world felt next to perfect and all around who cared to watch criticized first, got amused next and eventually cheered this young wonder, life was beautiful and loving was fulfilling as she fit into the puzzle amazingly well.

She didn’t mean to disrupt the puzzle, she just wanted to be a part of it; then it happened, the child and the man started to war as she had awoken the two without realizing and had become the centre of their world.

The child threw tantrums and made excuses for every lapse; humor and mockery were the tools in his game and they made for good sport, or so he thought till the man showed up.

The man exuded confidence, character, and vision coated with arrogance. He thrived in challenges and took giant strides in building dreams. Giving up humor, pursuing hard work and mockery birthed cunning ploys. Mastering the art was easy; playing the game was fun till love got in the way. She came and he fell unknowingly, little by little it became a passion, a fear, his world.

She was the victor, conquering him and becoming the centre of his every plan. Again, she was the victim, torn between the man, the child and the obsession. Managing each she prided herself in holding the aces till it began to choke and then it got scary, the battle got fiercer and for the first time realization dawned on her that she was caught between two worlds in one man. In the end, it was all up to her to help him define his world and not lose her in the process.



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3 Thoughts to “BETWEEN TWO WORLDS”

  1. This was inspired by several of ladies like me who have at one time or the other been caught between two worlds or been at crossroads.

  2. I identify with you… its not a small something!

  3. Well…funny enough…Men does too coz it's a relive infection!

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