ME: God, I have a few things I need to speak to you about. Lately, you just feel so far. Allowing me go through so much on my own.
GOD: hmmmmmm
ME: My life is crazy, I look in the mirror and all I see are pieces of me, like a tale told by different narrators. I feel torn apart. And you say hmmmmm?
GOD: What will you rather I said?
ME: That I will be fine! That you will fix me! That I am worth more than I feel! That my life will count… feel me?
GOD: Feel you? I made you! I have said all those to you already and much more. When last did you take a look at my words to you? My attempt to remind you is silenced by your self-doubt and the falsehood of what you call reality. I foresaw your pain and I made provision in advance.
ME: Why is it so hard then?
GOD: Well that’s because that’s all you are looking at, so that’s all you can see.
ME: easy for you to say, am the one who feels the shame, fear, guilt, hurt and emptiness. You just stay there being almighty and perfect.
GOD: I am the touch of perfection you need to cover the shame, silence the fears, absolve the guilt, heal the hurt and refill you…. To tell you the truth, when I look at you, I see something perfect, I wish you could see you through my eyes…..if only you would.
ME: Hmmmm. I really want to believe all you are saying, but I feel trapped…somewhere between Calvary and Pentecost… I know so much, yet it amounts to nothing.
GOD: I know that feeling. Revival beckons my child…..

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