Dear Child….

There is a reason I describe newborns as perfect, because I believe everyone was born perfect and don’t, they just look it?

There is a desire every sane adult has to protectively guard and guide them through different phases of their life so they make it unscarred. If only…

I wish that you never lose your honest view of the world. That your dreams regardless of reality remain yours to picture and savour. I wish that you don’t lose your smile, even more your voice. I wish…

There is a child reading this with questions that no one is/was willing to engage till you sort it in the wrong places and got more than you bargained for. I am sorry it had to be that way; the adults probably did not know that not answering you will not keep you from finding answers.

There is a child reading this who is eager to be old, struggling to sound, look and act the part. I know you admire it because somehow adults look like they have everything figured out, but that is untrue! We are more clueless than we let you know.

There is a child who mourns the child he/she was never allowed to be long enough before another broken child looking like an adult stole their innocence. I am sorry, I wish you did not have to, but I pray you did not let anyone break your spirit. Ignore the clueless adult who boasts about ‘secrets’ unable to admit to you they are yet to recover from the things they never expressed. You did not lose your voice, SPEAK OUT and get help! The reason you have to is because when you don’t, you keep the chain ongoing because hurt people, hurt people (yes, read it again slowly).

There is a child whose father or mother is not as they dreamed. They wish for hugs and get curses and frustration with history they have no clue about meted on them. I am sorry that you do not get to experience the kind of warmth and love you see in your sleep each night. Do me a favour, forgive them, do you know why….?

Dear child, the things we do not forgive from now we unconsciously grow to become or repeat. You need to be mindful not to repeat the errors of the elders you have witnessed. What is the point?

You are good looking, smart and enough. You need to say it out loud till you hear it even when you are not thinking it. You can live your dreams if you learn what you should not be as much as you do what you need to be.

This one is for the child, the adult whose inner child has refused to go quiet, seeking answers…

Happy Children’s Day to every one who calls me mother. You are enough and loved.


An Adult who understands.

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