Dear Church…

This is my first open letter to you. I want to start by saying I am as guilty. When you read, you will know what I mean.

Let’s go back to the basics before the doctrines, the rules, the biases, the judgement that has beclouded the truth in its raw state. God’s word didn’t change because the times changed. There is a reason He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Stop making it look like God changed. Maybe we changed and somehow want to justify it by the times.

Dear Church, we are losing the battle, because we have forgotten we are at war (supernatural warfare). We bother ourselves with frivolities that don’t affect God in the real sense. We tear each other down and cannot even agree on the core things like the cross, salvation and eternity.

What has tribe, race and denomination got to do with the love of Christ? Why are we encumbered with thoughts about whose Church is better? Why does it now bother us who sings with who? Why do we rejoice when our brethren backslide (does that word even still exist?)? Why do we sin because ‘Pastors are doing it’? Is salvation now congregational or personal? Why is it we are so bothered about the methods and ignore the depth of the message and if it leads to eternity? How did we get to the point where we now trade Gods free gifts to his people and collect money for it? Has heaven and hell changed because of the times too?

Dear Church, we are losing the battle. Our young ones don’t know the power of the Holyspirit or the faith we embraced because we have watered it down to attract them and forgotten to thicken it to prepare them for the battle they signed up for. The few of our elders who hold on to the core of the great commission are termed “Old school”.

Dear Church, how do we reproduce Gods generals in this generation if we don’t go back to the very core? He didn’t come to die for us to look or feel good, it had to be for more! I make a commitment to seek him and his righteousness much more as from today, to make his salvation simple enough to embrace those He came and died for – the weak and lost; not to chase them farther away into the ever open arms of the enemy with my self-righteousness.

Do you??

TeeWai Writes 06:09:17

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  1. Nigo

    Deep truths…yes I do

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