DIARY SERIES – On Becoming The Husband II

I had just shared my decision with Bee and she could not break free from my goodbye embrace. I knew I had to leave and fast too before I changed my mind on everything. I placed a kiss on her forehead, made her sit on her sofa and walked out without looking back. I heard her scream my name out loud as I shut the door. I felt like a part of me had been shut in that room.

The wedding plan was in full gear, everyone in the family was excited. He had not seen Mayen since the meeting, yet she was carrying his baby and about to be his wife. He tried to call her many times and ended the call each time before she could pick up. Wanted to ask how this all felt for her. To know if she had her own “special somebody”, how they could attempt to know each other and probably become friends.

Mayen seemed very agreeable and easy to live with, it had been 5 months since their traditional wedding and joining at the registry. She scared him with her patience and dutiful disposition as he had been used to full blown drama. Bee was a drama queen, in love today and spanking him tomorrow. This was all new to him. His friends had fallen in love with Mayen almost immediately, made jokes about how this was a blessing in disguise as he had dodged a bullet with Bee. Why was he so numb? Why did she feel like a stranger? How could he feel so much love for his little girl and want to rush home to her since the day she was born but feel nothing for her mother?

As the car parked downstairs, Mayen wiped her tears, reached for her giggling Vivian in the cot and hurried to open the door for her husband. A husband who made her feel like she was barely existing, she cried daily for the dreams she sacrificed, the love she never had and the marital bliss that may only remain in her dreams. As she opened the door, he reaches for Viv, smiles so warmly kissing his little sunshine endlessly and taps her on the shoulder as he walks past her towards the staircase. Struggling to push back the tears gathering again, Mayen headed to the kitchen to serve his dinner.

Responding to a sudden loud shout he heard coming from the kitchen, he rushed downstairs and saw her on the floor, curled up and lifeless….TO BE CONTINUED

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  1. Ojoma

    I was excited to see part 2 and was hoping it will be longer than part 1.

    1. Toyin Seth-Ogungbemi

      Glad I didn’t disappoint you.

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