DIARY SERIES – On Becoming The Husband III

He had to admit, he missed Mayen. The guilt he carried since the day the Doctor had said her blood pressure had gone up and she needed to be monitored regularly. He felt responsible; knew she deserved better, helpless as to how best to make her happier. Even much more, it had been so hard to make Viv stop crying, the house was a mess and he couldn’t keep up with all the chores as they kept piling up.

Suddenly awoken by her cry, he realized he had slept off and left Vivian in her cot. He was meant to change her diaper and somehow ended up sleeping. Waoh! He thought, mothers are made with an usual ability. His mother had just walked in and she couldn’t have come at a better time, she looked the house over, shook her head and asked him to take a bath and go bring his wife home.

Uncertain why he had been thinking of Bola since his wife was hospitalized. As if controlled by something or someone he found himself parked in front of Bola’s house. He had stopped taking her calls, not returned her numerous chats and here he was in her compound. Unsure how to face her, yet feeling a need to see her and be with her. Awoken in Bola’s arms by a call from the Doctor, he immediately realized how stupid he had been, 4 hours had passed and he was yet to pick up his already discharged wife. As he drove towards the hospital he was certain he was over Bola for good. She had nagged so much and he was no longer used to nagging. He noticed how different she was from Mayen. How unusual Mayen was. He was going to make a better effort for Mayen’s sake, and he was now certain he didn’t exactly miss much not marrying Bola. He vowed never to cheat on his wife ever again!

It was 6 months to their 20th anniversary, he couldn’t believe how excited he was. Mayen was as calm as ever. All those years back he had made sure she rested more, went on vacation with the kids each year and she smiled more now. Their relationship had grown , fondness had birthed some friendship and utmost respect. How could he have missed it? She was perfect. She was so beautiful and was barely aging. 3 beautiful kids and she remained gracious and balanced.

‘You have been staring David’, she said with her signature smile. ‘Yes’, he replied, ‘I think I have fallen hopelessly in love with my wife of nearly 20 years’. ‘Hmmm, thats a good thing right? Welcome aboard oga’. ‘Will you marry me’?He asked almost shyly before realizing how that came out. ‘I mean re- marry me. I never want to take for granted any day spent with you again and I need to say it before all our loved ones’. Now genuinely shocked, Mayen sits back, looked at him long and hard, got up again and kissed him on the forehead. ‘That will be beautiful’, she replied finally, ‘can you now get up from the floor and stop being so dramatic?’

The day was just as he pictured it, how it took him this long to realize finally, he had everything and more than he had asked for and had been stuck in seeking for what was never meant to be his. Amazed at God’s humor, he looks through the crowd, thankful for faithful friends who were there for them. One who stood out was Fred, he had maintained from the word go, she was the best woman for him. He wondered if Fred had staged the whole Chief Brides Maid and Best man thing to make him move past Bola. Oh yea he never liked Bola!

He had done many things wrong growing up, many things he wished he could take back. But this woman right here was the best mistake he ever made. Oh she was so beautiful and yes the honeymoon spot was her dream-come-true. Today she had same smile like those years ago when he had decided to marry her. Only this time, the smile didn’t disappear in a hurry. He couldn’t wait to be every bit the husband she deserved and more for all she had been.

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  1. Ojoma

    Finally!!!. I am glad he came to the realisation that she was the perfect wife for him. I love happy endings

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