Heaven On Earth

She was familiar with the pain of loss as she had watched her siblings die in her arms when her village was attacked by the terrorists leaving behind, their parents and herself. Both parents had suffered a similar fate earlier in the year and had died months after. Unsure of the next meal many times, she had resorted to hunting all kinds of animals along with her neighbors to survive till they were taken to a refugee camp and she had found new family among the strangers with whom she slept and woke up daily.

Many nights before the refugee camp, they lived in constant fear of reprisal attacks. Today, she had woken up feeling numb as always, no longer certain how she looked, she walked out of her refugee home desiring to experience the sun a little and see familiar faces.  Every morning since they came, she had watched the Caucasian lady and her team do the same thing, brace the odds. She wondered how much comfort she had left behind to such a gloomy environment to make their meals, while offering smiles, hope and ensuring they were catered for. It didn’t make any sense to her why anyone will leave their great lives to subject themselves to such pitiful state of living. Today, she had made up her mind to ask.

Good morning Miss Cara, she said a little above a whisper.

Good morning pretty Godiya. She loved the way she called her name; it always brought a smile to her face.

Why do you do it? Godiya asked eager to understand all of it.

What? You mean offering help? Godiya nodded in the affirmative as Cara took a deep breath as she hoped to give an answer suited for her young friend.

I am not sure the right answer, or what you hope to hear, but we desire to save what we can of what is left in every place we go by giving hope, birthing smiles and hopefully changing one life at a time. Did I answer you?

Yes. I think I see it now; you bring heaven to our earth so we know that God is real. We see him in your smile, your strength, your sacrifice and your love.

Overwhelmed with tears, Cara reaches for the 15 year old whose life had been stolen from her having gone through unimaginable pain and hugs her warmly as she allowed her tears flow. Never had she thought she meant heaven to someone. It changed her forever!

Some people may never hear the great messages, own a Bible and hear the worship songs that feel us with Gods presence. However, one kind deed, one selfless act of love may just be all the heaven someone may get to feel here on earth. Always realize that your reality is someone’s dream or goal. Deliberately make a difference today with the little you have!

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