Sometimes i find myself staring at an open page for hours, joggling the words in my head and dreading the critical eyes and minds of my readers.
So i take my eyes off the page and go about the day’s activities, silencing the words as the play out in my head.
At the close of the day, i realise i cant fool myself. For I had carried my blank page in my head all day long.
So i find that no matter how far from it i go, i keep coming back to my open page.
Feels like i was born to do this.
So i write, the fears not withstanding.
Like an addict, I just can’t stay away.

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2 Thoughts to “I KEEP COMING BACK”

  1. pretty deep stuffs…expressing the mind of a quiting writer bouncing back to life like awaken by shock therapy! its your calling…face it. good one Ty

  2. my sis!
    … anxiously waiting for your…

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