I can’t say for certain if she knew what was at stake, if she had taken time to think her action through. all i recall is she smiled and the smile lit up her face. She screamed so loud i could barely hear myself speak and before I could say another word to shut her up or calm her down. She did it, taken aback and a little scared i ran as fast as i could just so I could get a hold of her arms. Could not help noticing the smile did not leave her face, I was shaken up, a little sore in my feet, quite unlike my cute one year old. She was beaming with the spark of victory in her eyes. She had taken a leap from the high bed into mummy’s arms and she was oblivious of the fact that mummy nearly missed catching her. But her faith in me was blind to reason, she’s a one year old, what do you expect? Managing to smile back; even though still shaken by the fear that went through my mind. Could not stop wondering in my heart, “what if I had missed her? It got me thinking, my master knew what He was saying, when He said the kingdom was for such as the children. I wake up every day trying to fix things beyond me, worry about unfulfilled dreams, unaccomplished goals, frustrated when I don’t measure up to the standard…. who sets the standards anyway? Several times I have heard the lines ‘let go and let God’, I have even spoken them out to encourage others, I sing ‘Jesus take the wheels’ and I claim to cast my cares on him. So I woke up one morning and I remembered the leap of my one year old daughter, the honesty, trust and fearlessness it came with, and I realised, even in my humanity, I did not dare fail her. How much more… It’s practically tough at first, but which each day it gets easier, I leap on his back to carry me when am weak, his word to silence the voices of fear in my head, his arms to help me find rest in the chaotic reality of my society. Now when i smile it reaches my eyes, not because everything is as I want it to be, but because i have learnt gratitude for the things that are and I am more convinced than ever that ALL(good, bad, ugly) things, every lil, tiny detail will work together for my good. Let’s go a-leaping!

10TH MAY, 2012

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