This was a short story i entered in for a contest thanks to Joanna who inspired me to… too bad i entered late and did not win the prize, but it grew my guts in a funny way, so please read and let me have your feedback.

….For the umpteenth time she screamed “I am sick of this”. Rolling up her sleeves, she begins to type again, it was one of her many letters to the stranger. Hillary walks in unnoticed, while covering her mouth to hide her mocking laughter; she pushes Tami from behind;
Girlfriend, don’t you think you are taking this letter thing a little too far?
Not in the least, Tami retorted, pissed at the interruption. You just don’t get it gal!
Oh ok, I get it, this stranger is the one who gets to hear what your pain in the ass beau can’t right? Get real dear; you have to choose between these two worlds, and FAST!! Am outta hear Tam, I can’t stand your drama.
Tami begins to play back memories, wondering how she got here and where it all began to lose steam and get her this weary.

Fred was everything she had never wanted; their first meeting had been dramatic, till date she smiles whenever she remembers. He was the recently employed PA to her Dad’s best friend, that day she had stopped by his office to say hi. He was the most arrogant dude for all she cared. Rather than try to make conversation like the average guy would, he had said the most shocking words anyone had ever said to her in such a short time of meeting, “you will be my wife in six years”. She had gone like, excuse me????
No doubt his humor, guts, fierceness and she must admit looks as well had got her so hopelessly in love by eight months after that initial meeting. It was a “dream come true”, he was everything in one man; at least that was what she believed at the time. Then it all began…. The man and the boy in him began to war. Tami had to deal with each of these personalities in one man, and for a moment she prided herself in holding the aces, till it began to fall apart. The immaturity, the habits, the unending “I am sorries”… it was all choking. There had to be a way this could be easier she often thought.

As usual Fred was in high spirits, ready to take her to her favorite spot, but Tami said it was time they talked. What about? He had asked not sure what to expect. With tears running down her face, she says the words she never thought she would, “Its over beau, I can’t pretend to be happy anymore, we deserve more than this” Speechless the tears quietly run down his face and he goes on his knees, but Tami had walked away, as she did not trust herself not to take back her words if she saw his pain.

Dear Stranger,
I feel like am born again, Hil was right after all, I cannot live between two worlds. The pain has passed; I can breath, dare and love again. Today, I write you my last note, thanks for been my listening ear. Many times I wish you were real. Mwaah!

Shutting her laptop she dials a number.
Hey Hil, how about we go shopping like we used to?
Smiling to herself she feels on top of the world and free.

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  1. so what is going to happen next? you have to get them back together he does love her he cant help it if he is a screw up, maybe he'll grow up.

  2. …TY, I posted this comment on the site when you made your entry and thought it necessary to post it here too for posterity purpose.

    Brilliant and charming a story this was. Well scripted and rhythmically embedded. A little bit of comic relief and emotionally laden arrangement. Sad though, but I love the transition of the story, especially the way it ended. Also, I am not so sure if this story was an ordinary “Drama” so to say…I feel convicted to say that the writer must have been so mean to an honest but innocent “LOVER”…Yet I don’t pretty have any idea how ‘he’ took it…my question is does ’she’ try to help ‘him’ out in order to blend ‘him’ to what ’she’ actually wanted?…or ’she’ just thought she needed to be more happier than then (for a selfish reason)..and then took ‘his’ love violently away?…or may be ’she’ tried to do what was thought necessary?…coz I haven’t seen any extra effort on ‘her’ part trying to help the one ’she’ had “hopelessly” FALLEN IN LOVE WITH sometimes ago…I can’t say everything on my mind…but this is a charming story, short though!

  3. @Johanna…May be, but don't you think it may also be too late for this Lover Guy right this moment?…Only 'She' knows the reason why and only 'She' can answer that!…Poor Guy…I feel for him.

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