Take Off That Lid!!!

On my mind today are the things we cover, the things we protect, the things we defend. They could be habits; those habits we cannot allow ourselves admit we have and the good clothes and poise hide on the outside. They could be abuse, emotionally, verbally or physically. They could be symptoms that can graduate into sicknesses or diseases. They could be mental imbalances that require professional support to manage and you consistently tell yourself is unreal and convince yourself you are thinking it up.

My God! We hide too much in Nigeria. Its like one is sworn to some form of secrecy from childhood that makes you silent when a trusted uncle fondles your private part, the kind of silence that makes you a slave to your habits yet no one must know you even imagined the habit to start with. The kind of silence that makes people move from mood swings to full blown depression and they cannot help themselves. The kind of silence that makes a man suicidal because he is wailing inside but society taught him to be a man you have to put up a bold face and swallow the pain. The same silence that makes a mother unable to mention the word “sex” to her child, yet the child heard that word before she was 6!

The world is changing, the silence method is no longer working, it never really did!

Dear parent, don’t wish away the habits of your children, or defend their lapses that remind you of your own mistakes. Do not hide in shame when your baby is abused, seek help and allow them express what they feel. Talk to your boys and girls about sex before the world does, prepare them for what their bodies will eventually feel. Please PARENT don’t just provide!!!

Dear Preacher, if the things you never walked through before you answered your call are beginning to haunt you or you are beginning to desire the things you preach against; find someone to be accountable to. Don’t allow the showmanship of being infallible that you keep up for followers make you self destruct. Please face reality…which is, you are human!!!

Dear young girl/boy, its okay to hurt, cry, to feel, to question your sexuality, to seek answers. I am sorry that life has scarred you, I am sorry that those who represented stability to you birthed your instability. I cant undo that,but that’s not the end. Do not lose faith in humanity and spend your youth rebelling, find someone to talk to. You are still beautiful and handsome. You were made for more and you can heal.

Dear man/woman, its not okay to verbally abuse and destroy one another with words not befitting to even an enemy. Its not okay to use silence to break your partner, its not okay to slap, hit or scar each other. It is not true that every third party is evil. Find a healthy third party as it is better to find someone who can help you walk through the issues and begin the process of healing than to put up deceptive happy pictures and die in silence!

Prayer helps, yes i know, i have experienced its power. However, not everyone understands how that works and they should not be dismissed because they don’t. Take off the lid and empty the contents. Seek help, talk, talk, talk, find someone to be accountable to and realize that someone too is human.

TeeWai Writes – 15:05:2017

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