The Hardest Wait

I often appear patient on the surface. Deep down, I sometimes feel like the most impatient person on earth.
Recently, I had a reason to take my ward for a surgical procedure. We were scheduled for 11am and prepared to get it over with in no time. Upon arrival at about that time, we saw several people waiting to have similar procedures and scheduled for the same time as we were.
So the wait began, I counted minutes and then hours. 12, 1, 2, 3…4. I was screaming on my inside from restlessness, yet seated in the same chair hour after hour, afraid to step out and miss our slot.

Finally, it was one person to go before us, yet I found it the longest wait. Reminding myself time and time again, ‘you are next’. Each minute thereafter felt like hours so it got me thinking, why is waiting hardest when the leap forward is closest??

The wait for a positive pregnancy test result
– The job wait
– The celibacy wait
– The marital wait
– That call that will change everything

The list is endless. Truly, time takes it toll, but your turn always comes. Probably, these words were placed in my heart just to tell you, yes you…It will be your turn soon. Don’t settle!!!

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