I see a little girl child, her innocence, her naivety, her trust in her environ and the people around her, her smile warms mine and i reach out to touch her chubby cheeks as i cant help but smile back. It brings back memories of when my own life was that simple, food, play and sleep were my art and everyone was my friend….at least that was what i believed.

The irony is some perverted minds see the same sweet child, they do not think warmth and love, the think of her as a girl wired to meet their lustful needs. I cannot get my head around it, i cannot get over it, every time i hear of child rape, molestation or abuse, my heart cries out for the innocence that has been stolen and cannot be bought back even with the most colorful dresses and toys.

It is robbery, it is brutal and we must discourage it anyhow we can. To every parent, please never get too busy to notice details of in child’s life, to every nanny, house help/maid, realize that you are as responsible as the parent in defining life to that toddler in your care, to every sane adult, protect the innocence of the children around you, to the lustful and twisted minded adults, get help or pick someone your size.

Let the children laugh,cry, play, sing, dance….with the sincerity of that phase of life. Please stop child molestation of any kind, it breaks my heart, it in turn breaks our society and births more broken people in an already complicated life.

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2 Thoughts to “WHAT DO YOU SEE WHEN YOU LOOK???”

  1. Well…I say in addendum to this, LET THE CHILDREN GROW!…That was an absolute reality of our future's vulnerability…THIS FIGHT MUST GO ON…AND IT MUST BE WON!…LET'S STOP CHILD ABUSE!

    Thank you jare…Mummy to sure!

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