When I Am Richer

I had a dream; when I grew taller I will allow myself see beyond the adults saw at the time. I was certain I will see bigger and better things. When I grew older, I will travel the world and change many simple things people had accepted as the norm. When I had my own children, I will correct every wrong my parents made and raised the ideal children. And when I am rich, oh when I am rich, I will buy everything my eye desires, I will make sure my life is as comfortable as I envisioned, I will travel around the world and behold all the beauties life has to offer and then fix all the needs around me to make my life and immediate environment better.

One day, as a 9 year old, I saw a child aged about 7 years with no shoes carry her younger sibling on her back while humming a song, holding something as she walked along the street. There was a dirty looking younger child ahead, I had noticed him many times before that day. The girl suddenly stopped humming as she drew closer to the younger boy, carefully put her baby sister down and opened her nylon bag, taking out the bread, cutting it into three parts. Excitedly, she offers the child with clothes in shreds and she seemed like she had not a care in the world as she returned her sister to her back and continued her humming. Tears gathered in my eyes, the bread was the quantity I will usually eat and ask for more. This younger child, who couldn’t afford to have a shoe on, had shared it with two other people like it meant nothing to be full and much more to have shared. I will never forget that day. She had taught me, it didn’t take been satisfied to meet another person’s need.

Now I am taller, older and wiser and that lesson has lived with me; that some amount of discomfort to birth another person’s comfort can be so gratifying. I didn’t need to be rich to give, tall to see farther and older to create the change I desired.

When you are rich, you will seek to be richer and when you are richer you will strive for more and more hoping to get to that point of total satisfaction to be able to live beyond you. There is no better day than today to be, to do, to dare, to give.

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