Do you ever wonder why?

It is so easy to pick an unhealthy habit,difficult to quit. Yet strenuous to pick a healthy habit at all and easy to drop.
So easy to break a heart, yet loving takes time and processes.
Saying a prayer to the one who gave you life in 5 minutes seems like forever, but leading the day’s chat/gist with friends for 5 hours comes naturally with excitement.
The truth is hard to tell many times but a good lie comes in handy.
Love that seemed so true, real and genuine turns sour and is replaced with harsh words and hateful actions.
It is convenient to give things to people that you no longer need. Extremely tough to give something that will cost you.
A wicked man can look at another like himself and take his life; irony is he cant even mold a tooth!
Beautiful days end so quickly. But, sad and boring days drag on unending.
No matter the hurt suffered in the face of love and the betrayal that comes with it; one still learns to love again.
It is so difficult to figure out an excuse for another, yet 10 excuses come to mind for oneself if in a similar situation.
Forgetting good done is easy, but evil done is remembered and passed on for generations.
Getting pregnant takes a moment, bearing and nurturing the child takes a lifetime.
More people talk than listen this days…everyone wants to be heard.
Bad things happen to good people
Over time, we become what we criticize the most.
Why the things we create with our hands sometimes become our idols or undoing (money, liquor, cigar, drugs…)
A smile provokes a smile.
A good name is desired by all, but kept by a few.
No matter what is in or out of vogue, God stays in vogue and is NEVER unpopular!
…..Ever wondered why?

AUGUST 2008.

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2 Thoughts to “WHY? WHY?? WHY???”

  1. I think Bad habits never die…but Good habits….ur guess is as good as mine TY!

  2. Wonderful.so many reasons WHY! I've leart also that it's a lot easier to react than it is to think.Beautiful piece

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