Winning Past The Finish Line

Winning Past The Finish Line

I have had to do this run many times, because that’s what I do. For some reason today felt different as I bowed my right knee, while sizing up the distance to the finish line, I awaited the whistle.

At the sound of the whistle I ran with everything in me, I thought of the drills, wounds, aches and the strain that had got me to this place. I could see the faces of those who couldn’t wait to see me fail, the indifference of some onlookers and the loving smiles of my loved ones as they cheered me on, but much more I realised I had stopped seeing the other competitors, it was just me. Something in me wanted to break into an early celebration as I figured I had outran all the others. But the words of my coach rang loud in my ears, “learn to run past the finish line”. To the amazement of many I doubled my steps, and then it happened.

It was unexpected, but I slipped and fell face down. Mixed feelings gripped me as I wondered how many I will have to contend with. How many had gone past me and how i will catch up if I stood up and tried again, then it occurred to me I was really hurting. I contemplated giving up, but right before me was the finish line and I ventured again, for I thought,” my pain must amount for something”. Not bothering to look over my shoulder, I began again and this time I was driven by more. I ran with passion, for the love of the art, for victory; even much more, for my pain.

I noticed everyone cheering but I did not bother to know why, as i just kept running. Stop! Stop! They cried out. Wondering why everyone looked awed and fearing I had broken some rules, worst still that I had lost. Everyone began to applaud me and I watched my loved ones victory dance and even my rivals looked at me with respect. For the first time it dawned on me I had won.

Curious, the man to robe me asked why I kept running even when i had reached and past the finished line. Smiling, I realised the reason everyone looked intrigued after all. I answered in all honesty, “I was told by the best that winning behind at the finish line”

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